A Node and its configuration can be copied within a Workflow. This can dramatically reduce the time to set up a Workflow if the Nodes share a common organization and Tasks.

1) On the Workflow Canvas, right click the Node and choose the Copy option from the menu. 

2) Right click on the Workflow where you would like to place the Node and select Paste from the menu.

3) A copy of the Node is placed within the Workflow.

4) Update the name of the newly copied node by right-clicking the new node and click Edit. From the ensuing screen, re-name the node to something relevant to your workflow and and assign access Roles that should be allowed to view and/or edit Assignments that live within this new Node.

5) Route your workflow through this new node. To do this, while holding Shift on the keyboard, click on the starting node (in this case, Risk Assessment), and while holding down the mouse, drag and drop onto the destination node (in this case, Risk Review). In doing so, you will see a grey arrow indicating the Workflow routing has changed.

For more detail on configuring your newly copied Node, please review the Creating a Node help article.

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