The E Signature field in LogicGate can be used to capture a system-created electronic signature based on a user's first and last name. The user will first be prompted to select one or more "signing reasons" and then they can click on the "Sign" button to create their e-signature. The date and time of the e-signature will also automatically be captured.

NOTE: Only the original user that provides an E Signature will ever me able to modify or remove their signature.

How to create an E Signature field

To add an E Signature field to a node or form, follow the instructions below:

1. In the node builder, click to add a new field and select the E Signature field type.

2. In the field editor modal, enter the Name and Proposition for the E Signature field. Remember that the Name will be used as an identifier for the field in the Build part of the app, while the Proposition is what will be displayed to end users. 

NOTE: The Proposition is different than the signing reason(s) that will be displayed to the end users; you will enter the signing reason(s) in the next step. 

3. Click over to the second tab to enter Signing Reasons. After entering each signing reason in the Text Value column, make sure to click the green plus icon to the right to add the signing reason to the list. 

You may add as many signing reasons as you want. You may also designate numeric values associated with each signing reason if desired. If you do not enter a numeric value, the system will automatically assign a numeric value of 1. 

4. OPTIONAL - If your E Signature field needs to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, you can enable this in the Options tab. When this option is enabled, the end user will be required to agree to use electronic signatures prior to signing and re-enter their password during the signing process.

To see how a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant E Signature would appear to an end user, see this overview of 21 CFR Part 11 enabled E Signatures.

5. Once you are done creating your E Signature field, click SAVE AND CLOSE. You can then drag and drop your new E Signature field into your form.

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