The Assign section enables users (with the appropriate entitlement) to bulk assign and un-assign work from other users. This section will be visible only if the user has been granted access to this functionality with an Entitlement. Access to the Assign section is granted to a Role using the Assign module Entitlement.

Assign Work

1) Navigate to the Assign module under the Work section within LogicGate.

2) To assign work to users, ensure that the + Assign button is toggled. When Assign is selected, only items that are not currently checked out by any users are shown.

3) Select a Layout to view the Assignments. 

4) Select a specific Node to filter to the Assignments to assign.

5) Once the table is filtered to the work you would like to assign, select the users to assign the work to using the Assignees field. If multiple users are selected, Assignments will be evenly distributed to the users.

6) Click the blue Assign button to assign the work. Once assigned, the Assignments will be checked-out to the users selected.

Unassign Work

To unassign work, repeat the above outlined steps, but ensure the Unassign button is toggled. When Unassign is selected, only items that are currently checked out by a user are shown.

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