Making a Step public gives your organization the ability to capture things like incidents or requests from anyone -- regardless of whether they have access to the Risk Cloud platform.

To allow public access to a Step, right click the Step and click the Edit menu option. Go to the Public Access tab option and click the + NEW TOKEN option.

You must now create the link which will be used to access the page. 

Click the Public Access tab. To generate a new link, click the New Token + button. You can optionally set expiration details on each link using the Expiration option. 

If you have existing links, they will be shown on this 'Public Access' tab and you can click the red trash can to remove that token from having access to Risk Cloud.

Once the unique token is generated, the link will now be available in the table below. Use the 'Copy' icon to copy the link to your clipboard. Note: When testing the link while logged in, please open Google Chrome in Incognito Mode. This will ensure you do not log out your current session to the Application.

When viewing this public page, you will not be required to log in to Risk Cloud. Instead, you will see a simplified version of Risk Cloud without all of the navigation menu options and where you can only submit data on that single form that you made public. These public links can then be posted on your company's intranet or public website to allow access to the appropriate users. An example of a public page is as follows:

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