Conditional Form Sections

You can now create rules that will hide or show certain parts of a form based on the responses to other questions on the form. Read more about conditional sections here.

Public Pages

The first step of any workflow can now optionally be made publicly accessible to anyone with the unique link. Public pages are a great way to capture incidents or request forms from anyone without requiring a login. Learn more about public forms here.

Custom Validation Messages

Validation messages can now be customized to display more clear instructions to your end-users as they complete forms. For example, if you set a rule on a number field that it must be less than 100, you can now customize your message to say "This number must be less than 100".

Set Creator as Message Recipient

The creator of an assignment can now be set as the recipient of an email message associated with a job.

Dashboard Updates

Dashboard layouts (those set as 'default') can now contain more than 5 fields. Dashboard sections will initially appear collapsed until expanded by the user. Additional dashboard enhancements will be coming in a future release to allow better access to you data.

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