User Groups give you the ability to provide more detailed access to particular Records in your Application, similar to how Roles allow you to restrict access on Steps. User Group access will allow you to "tag" specific users or User Groups (pre-defined groups of users) to a Record and restrict access to just those users and User Groups tagged.

In order for User Groups to be enabled, they must first be activated for a Workflow. Below is a quick guide to get started.

1) Set-up User Groups for the Workflow

Activate User Groups by double-clicking the background of a Workflow or right-clicking and selecting Edit. This will take you to the Workflow modal. From here select the Access tab towards the right and check the Restrict Access with User Groups box. 

Once this is selected, a new checkbox - Require User Groups - will appear. This will automatically be checked. We recommend keeping Require User Groups on since Records without User Groups assigned will not be visible to anyone once User Groups are enforced. The Require User Groups feature prevents this from happening.

Once User Groups have been enabled for a Workflow, you will now be able to restrict and control access to Individual Records within this Workflow.

One very important thing to note is that if you already have Records created in a Workflow, you will need to make sure to "tag" the users that you want to have access to those Records before you turn on the User Group Access. 

2) Create or Modify User Groups

Under Build->Access navigate to the Groups tab at the top.

Click + New Group to create a new User Group for each type of group you would like to setup. In the modal, enter a group Title

Add Group Users that you would like to be a part of that User Group, and lastly click Save.

If any admin user wants to make sure that they are able to see every Record for administrative purposes, they should create an "Admin" or "Write Off Admin" User Group and add that as a Default User Group. This will automatically grant access to the default group(s) for any Records created in the Workflow going forward.

When creating a new Record in that Workflow, you can select which Groups you would like to grant access to this specific Record. There is not a way to map a custom Field to User Group access at the moment.

To add a User Group to a Record the Record must be checked out to you or have the Admin > All Entitlement. Then click on the people icon in the upper right corner of your Record Page. Once there, search for the User Group and add it.

Important Note: If a User is not added/tagged to the Record, they will not be able to View or Edit that particular piece of work even if they have access to that Step via a User Role! Because of this, it can be easy at times to unintentionally restrict access to information to either yourself of other users.

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