The LogicGate API uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication which uses a bearer token in the Authorization http header. In order to start using the API, first retrieve your Client and Secret keys from the Profile page. This can be navigated to by click the Profile button in the top right corner and then clicking the Profile button.

Once you are in the Profile page there will be a tab on the right hand side that is called "Access Key". If this tab is not there, please contact your administrator as you may not have API privileges.

In the "Access Key" tab you will see both Client and Secret keys. These are both necessary to generate an access key or retrieve an existing access key.

*Note that this panel also has the ability to generate the Access Key on its own.

After having both Client and Secret keys they will need to be base64 encoded with a colon in between them: {CLIENT}:{SECRET}.

Once they are encoded, take your encoded string and place it in the authorization header as Authorization: Basic {ENCODED}.

URL: /api/v1/account/token
Request Method: POST

Once this URL is pinged with the correct Authorization Header a JSON response will appear mimicking the following structure:

    "access_token": "KEY_HERE",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "expires_in": 31532918,
    "scope": "read write"

The returned access token can then be used in the authorization header to interact with LogicGate's API

Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}
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