Redesigned Form Builder

We've made it easier for you to design forms and fields on a node with better visual cues, expandable options, and bulk actions.

Form Validation Messages

Users now have better feedback when completing an assignment when required conditions have not been met.

Create Better Heatmap Reports

More easily create better looking heatmap visualizations to aggregate your data. We continue to make reporting and dashboarding a priority to give you better insight into your data to unlock the power of our graph database.

Easily Update Data for any Record, Regardless of Workflow Rules

Users with access to the 'All Fields' module entitlement can now edit any field on a record, regardless of what fields have been configured as active on that node. This allows you to easily make data updates without routing an assignment through a workflow.

Improved Performance

We continue to focus on making LogicGate a great user experience, and that starts with faster response times.

What else is coming this quarter?

A few of the bigger items we're working on are below:

Dashboards - We are overhauling our reporting suite to be much more customizable and flexible. Our goal is to give you quick access to all the data you need in one simple view.
PDF Exports - Export records from LogicGate as PDFs that can be shared or easily printed.
View Deep Relationships - We're putting our best-in-class graph database technology to work and giving you better visibility into the relationships objects share across your business.
Performance Improvements
- Get more done faster with a snappier LogicGate.

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