Relationship Reports can be added within a Step of a Workflow if that Workflow is mapped to one or more other Workflows. The Relationship Report can be used to view related fields on a record from any of the mapped Workflows.

For example, an Enterprise Risk Management Application may contain three workflows: Risks, Assessments, and Mitigations. 

  • Level 1: In the parent Workflow, risks are documented in a risk register.

  • Level 2: For each risk in the parent Workflow, there may be multiple risk assessments performed (e.g., one for the IT department, one for Sales, and one for Finance). 

  • Level 3: Off of each risk assessment, there may be multiple risk mitigation activities that need to be performed.

For each parent risk, if you want to see all of the mitigation activities related to it, you can use a Relationship Report to display all of the related mitigations - no matter what risk assessment it is linked through.

Click here for more details on how to configure Relationship Reports in the Build section.

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