View Deeper Relationships

Have you ever wanted to see mitigations on a parent risk that were created through an assessment without clicking through the individual assessments? You can now view related records from any workflow on an assignment - even if the workflow is related through another linked workflow. The new ‘Relationship Report’ section can be configured on a step to view objects that are related in any way. Click here for more information on this new feature.

Easily Duplicate Records

You can now copy a record using the ‘Duplicate’ function located in the gear menu on an assignment.

Each assignment record now has a ‘Print’ option that will neatly format the assignment for printing and saving as a PDF.

Capture e-Signatures with the New E Signature Field

You can now capture e-signatures from your users with the new ‘E Signature’ field type. The field can optionally be configured to be 21 CFR part 11 compliant. This replaces the previous Certification field. 

Updates to User Groups

User groups, which allow you to more granularly control access to records in your workflows, have been enhanced with new features. Default Groups can now be configured per workflow so that whenever an assignment is created it will inherit your preconfigured groups. When user group access is being enforced, you can now optionally choose to Require User Groups. This will require a user to select a group during the submission process before proceeding.

Date/Time format in Exports

Dates in CSV and Excel exports will now be exported in format YYYY-MM-DD.

Assigned Job Trigger Update

The ‘Assigned’ trigger for a Job no longer requires a workflow move to occur to trigger the event. Whenever a record is assigned to a user on the selected step, the job will execute.

Toggle Between an Assignment and Step Builder

Users with access to the Build module will now be able to quickly toggle to the step builder by clicking the 'Configure Step' option on an assignment.

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