The Work Queue is your entry point into the Risk Cloud platform. You have the option to apply 5 useful filters, as described below.

List of Available Filters

  • My Work: This shows any work that is currently assigned to yourself.

  • Available Work: This shows any work that is not currently assigned to anyone (including yourself), and you have access rights to begin working.

  • Completed Work: Work that has already been completed either by you or others.

  • My Previous Work: Work that you have previously worked on.

  • Created By Me: Work that you have created.

  1. These buttons show the currently active filters. You can click the red "x" to remove those item(s) as an active filter

  2. By clicking this box, you can view the list of available filters to add to your Work Queue. Clicking on an option in the available dropdown will add filters to your Work Queue.


  • If you have no filters selected, then all items for the workflows that exist in Risk Cloud will be shown to you.

  • You can not search or create custom filters in your Work Queue. In order to search for specific fields or create customer filters, you will have to create a table report. Refer to the Creating a Table Report article or Viewing a Table Report to learn more. 

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