Top Menu

You’ll now find the features you previously had in the side menu organized into core menu items along the top of the screen.

Quickly access features within each item by clicking the heading.

Note: We haven't removed any functionality with the new design - you'll still have access to all of the features you had before. User access will still be enforced the same way it is today. Only users with appropriate entitlements will see restricted menu items.

Side Menu

The side menu is now based on the specific core menu item that has been selected in the top menu. In the example below, the user has clicked on Reports in the top menu to reveal the Reports side menu.

Sections within the side menu can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the section heading.

The side menu can be entirely collapsed by clicking the toggle icon along the top. This will condense each section in the side menu into an icon that can be hovered over to display the menu text.

User Profile

User profile information has moved to the top right bar and can be accessed by clicking the user icon.

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