If you are managing an Enterprise Risk Management or Third-Party Risk Management Application, most likely you have risks or vendors that need to be re-assessed each year or on some other recurring basis.

Risk Cloud's Jobs can be used to help automate these recurring reminders. Below are two ways to facilitate periodic reminders:

  • Each time after an Assessment is completed, automatically create a new Assessment for that risk/vendor with the Due Date set to 1 year out. Then, create a Job using the Due Date Trigger to send out an email to the risk/vendor owner when the Due Date approaches (e.g., one month prior to the due date, send an email to the owner reminding them that they will need to conduct their recurring Annual Assessment).

  • Create a Job using the Fixed Trigger to send out an email at the same time each year to every person who owns a risk/vendor to remind them that they need to conduct another Assessment. After receiving the email, the owner can log in to Risk Cloud and then kick-off a new Assessment for each risk/vendor assigned to them for that year.

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