Relationship Reports can be used to display Fields from Workflows that are related through another Workflow. 

To add a Relationship Report within a Step of a Workflow that is mapped to one or more other Workflows, scroll to the bottom of the Step Builder page and click the Add Content button.

In the New Section that appears, click Add Relationship Report.

This will create a new Related Records section with a Workflow dropdown and a Layout dropdown. 

In the Workflow dropdown, you will be able to select any Workflows that are directly linked to the Workflow you are currently in, as well as any Workflows that are "indirectly linked" - in other words, linked through other Workflows. 

Select the related Workflow that you would like to display data from.

Once you have selected the Workflow, select the layout that you would like to display in the Layout dropdown.

You may change the Section header to be something other than "New Section", as well as change the Relationship Report header from "Related Records".

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