1. In Build, find the field that you want to adjust to a different Field type. If the Field settings panel is collapsed, click the toggle arrow to expand it.

2. In the Field settings panel, click the pencil icon to edit the field.

3. In the pop-up modal that appears, if the Field is one that can be switched to a different type, you should see a blue "cycle" arrow icon next to the current field type. Click on the blue "cycle" arrow icon to change the Field type.

4. The system will display the available options for what Field type the field can be changed into. Select the desired type and then click Next.

5. You should now see the new Field type listed. Click Save.


Please note that when changing Field types, you are only able to change the type between specific types.

For example, you can change from a 'single' select type Field (e.g. Radio; Select) to a 'multiple' select type Field (e.g. Checkbox; Multi-Select). However, you cannot change from the 'multiple' Field type back to the 'single' field type because this could cause data integrity issues (in the event that there are more than one value selected, for example). Another example would be trying to change a select type Field into text, or vice versa.

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