What is a User Field?

A User Field' is a select list of users from your Risk Cloud environment. A User Field can be defined in Build based on individual users or it can be based on a Role. On a form, a User Field acts as a searchable list where one user can be selected (shown below).

Creating an Assignee Rule

Each Workflow Path can have a set of rules which determine which user is automatically assigned when work moves on that path. 

To create a path assignee rule, click pencil icon on the path.

In the modal, there are three options on what default assignee to apply to the path

  • No default assignee: No user is assigned on record submission by default

  • A user specified in a user field: Select a user field in the current or any directly-linked workflow. The user specified in this field will be assigned on record submission by default

  • The current assignee and continue to the next step: The user that submits the record will automatically be assigned to the same record on record submission by default. This user will also be taken to this next step on submission.

Once selected, click the Save button to close the modal.

How does it look when interacting with work?

Upon clicking 'Submit' on a Record, the Submission Options confirmation box will auto-fill with the user selected in the mapped User Field for the path (in this case the path to the 'Owner' Step).

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