Overview of the "All Fields" entitlement

The "All Fields" module entitlement is an admin-level entitlement that can be added to a Role. The entitlement allows users with that Role to view or edit any Field associated with a Workflow Record, no matter what Step the Record currently resides in.  

  • If the entitlement is granted with Read-Only access, this means that you will be able to view every Workflow Field for a Record, even if the Fields are not visible in the current Step. 

  • If the entitlement is granted with Edit access, in addition to being able to see every Workflow Field, you will also be able to edit any Field, even if it is set as "read-only" on that Step.

How to use the "All Fields" entitlement

To use the entitlement, go to the Record in which you want to view/edit Field(s) and make sure it is assigned to you (your username should be listed under Assigned To in the upper left-hand corner). 

Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select View All Field Data

This will then display all of the Fields in that Workflow in alphabetical order of their Field Name. The Fields will be displayed in system-generated Subsections with three Fields per Subsection.

If your Role has Edit access for the "All Fields" entitlement, you will be able to edit any of the Fields in that Record. 

Once you are done viewing/updating in "All Fields" mode, click on the gear icon again and select Exit 'View All' State to return to the normal view of the Record.

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