Why would I want to "archive" a Field value?

There are times when it is useful to no longer allow a particular Field value to be selected any longer, but you want to retain and report on the historically created data. 

For example, your company may have a ‘Region’ Select list, but no longer operate in Europe. In that case, you can archive the Europe value so that users can no longer select it on a Record, but still see it in Reports.

How to archive field values

To archive a Field value, click to edit the Field and then go to the second tab, "Select Values". 

To the right of the value that you want to archive, click on the file box icon. This will remove the value from the list of selectable options going forward. 

How to unarchive field values

In the future, if you ever want to return an archived value to the list of selectable options, simply click on the darkened file box to the right of the value to unarchive it. 

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