Overview of the Due Date field

The Due Date field is a special system-generated field that can be used to trigger Jobs and can be updated automatically based on an SLA. There is only one Due Date field per Workflow in Risk Cloud. 

The Due Date field will automatically display special formatting of due dates in the Work Queue and Reports:

  • If a due date is approaching soon, the date will be highlighted in orange text.

  • If a due date has passed and the item hasn't been completed yet, the date will be highlighted in red text - indicating an overdue item.

  • If an item was complete after the due date passed, the due date will be highlighted in red text as well - to show that an item was completed late.

Due Date vs Date Picker fields

You can create and add multiple Date Picker fields to a Workflow, but you cannot create additional Due Dates for a Workflow. (Remember, there can only be one Due Date field per Workflow!) 

The Due Date field is created by default whenever you create a new Workflow. When you first create a Workflow, you'll see the Due Date field automatically listed on the left-hand side of the page in the available fields section. You can edit the settings of the Due Date field, but you won't be able to delete it.

You can tell the difference between a Due Date field and a Date Picker field by the icon associated with it in the Build section:

  • The Due Date field has a clock icon associated with it. 

  • Date Picker fields have a calendar icon associated with them.

Another important difference between the Due Date and Date Picker fields is the necessity to insert a time into Due Date fields. Within Due Date fields, it is required that you select a time of day so that Jobs based on the the field know when to fire. Due Date Jobs can be drilled down to the hourly level, thus requiring a selected time of day by the user. Date Picker fields, however, do not have this same restriction. Within Date Picker fields, you are able to specify whether or not the time of day needs to be entered. 

Additional Date Picker field features

With the Date Picker field, you have some additional features that allows you to control the date format and date range that end-users can select.

Input Options: Date Picker fields can either be date only or also include a time picker.
Date Validations: You can select 1 of the 3 options to restrict end-users from entering either past or future dates.

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