The Users module in the Admin section of the app is where user accounts can be created and managed. Please note that you can only access this module if you are an Admin user. 

To get to the Users module, navigate to Admin --> Users in the top menu:

Each user in Risk Cloud is associated with a unique email address. Information about the current users in the system is displayed on the Users table. 

User Status

The table is divided into three tabs - Active Users, External Users, and Disabled Users

Active Users can either be designated as primary or secondary, and have various levels of access to workflows and step entitlements. Active Users can be added directly from the Users Module. 

The External Users tab tracks the assignments to non-user email addresses from various steps. 

Finally, the Disabled User list contains all formerly Active Users who have been disabled, and has the option to re-enable them.

Disabling/Re-Enabling Users

The red icon to the right of the user disables for a user. Once a user is disabled, they will show up in the Disabled Users tab. 

To re-enable a user, click the Disabled Users tab, then click on the green checkmark to the right of their name. This user will now show up in the Active Users tab.

User Details

To access user Details click on the pencil next to the user's email. There you can update information for each of the sections below:

Date Display Preference and the Time Zone.

You can edit the way the date is displayed and change each user's time zone according to their location.

Notification Preferences

You will be able to determine if a user receives product notifications by checking the 'Receive Product Update Emails' box. By default this will be unchecked.

For detailed information on creating new users please check the article on Creating User Accounts.

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