Table Reports in Risk Cloud allow users to view filtered reports across multiple Workflows for dynamic displays of data. 

Accessing Table Reports

To access your list of Table Reports, navigate to Reports > Table Reports. Here you'll find the central list of reports in your environment you have access to view. Table Reports created by one user can be seen by another, as long as the user has the proper entitlements to view the report.

Note: If your Table Report list is empty, you may have not been granted access to view any reports or no reports have been created yet. Please contact your Configuration Owner for more details.

Viewing a Table Report

Each report has a unique title that serves as a short description of its contents. Click on the title of any Table Report to access the report viewer. 

The report will automatically generate and you'll see a similar view to the one shown below:

The Workflow(s) that serve as data source(s) of the report are outlined at the top of the report viewer. Each Workflow is surrounded by a colored border, which can be used as a guide to determine the source Workflow for each Field.

Interacting with a Table Report

Here are some useful actions in the report viewer:


If a table report has flexible filters, you will see a toggle icon next to the filter (outlined in the red box in the screenshot above). Click on this icon to turn the filter on and off. 

Alternatively, you can add any filters you’d like by clicking on the Field (column) header and clicking Add Filter. 

A filter menu will appear at the top. Click into the drop down menu next to the Field name to select an operator. 

If you selected Null or Not Null, then click Add Filter to save. Then click the blue Refresh Table button. 

If you selected the other operators, there will be additional text box that appears. Enter the value that you want to filter by in this text box. For example, if you want to search for specific Records, then the filter “Record Name Contains 24” will only show Record Names that contains “24”. 

To turn this filter off, click on the Field (column) header, then select Turn Filter Off. Refresh the table again to see the changes. 


Click on a Field (column) header and select either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending to sort a field. Note: Table Reports cannot currently sort on Calculation fields.


In the upper-right corner of the report viewer, you can use the search box to search for a keyword in the report. Searching for a keyword will limit results to only those that are a match.


Table Reports can be exported to CSV or XLSX (Excel) format. To export a report, click the links available in the lower-left corner of the report. 

Note: It can take several moments for Table Reports to download.


You can adjust a Table Report to display up to 50 results at a time. You can use the page number buttons in the bottom-right corner of the report to navigate to additional results.

Admin Users - For guidance on how to create Table Reports and how to create Visual Reports from your Table Reports, see our Creating a Table Report and Using Table Reports to Filter and Link Workflows for Visual Reports articles.

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