Table Reports in Risk Cloud allow users to create and view filtered Reports across multiple Workflows for dynamic displays of data. Access to Table Reports must be explicitly enabled in order for a user to utilize this feature. 

Module Entitlement

Users must first be given specific access to Table Reports by way of a Role's module entitlements. To enable this entitlement, first navigate to Build --> Access and edit the
Role for which you would like to grant access to Table Reports. Within the Modules tab, add the Table Reports module entitlement, as shown below:

Click on the green checkmark to enable. By default, the Role will be given Edit access to Table Reports (indicated by the highlighted pencil icon) which will allow users within this Role to create and save their own Table Reports. If you would like to allow users to view Table Reports but not create their own, click the book icon to change the access to Read-Only.

Note: When this entitlement is added to a Role, it will enable Table Reports access for all users associated with the Role.

Access to Workflows

In order to either create or view Table Reports, you will also need to have access to the primary Workflow associated with that Table Report. This is typically done via a Role's Step Entitlements. Please see the Creating Roles article for more information on adding and/or removing access to specific Applications, Workflows, and Steps.

Other Entitlements

Another way for a user to obtain Table Report Edit Entitlement is for the user to have Dashboard Entitlement. Giving a user Dashboard Entitlement gives them the additional functionality of Table Report Edit Entitlement. If the user has Table Report Read Entitlement but also Dashboard Entitlement, they will be able to edit all Table Reports since Dashboard Entitlements will override Table Report Entitlements. 

User Group Access

If the "Enforce User Groups" setting is enabled for a Workflow, that will further limit who can see specific Records within a Table Report. Please see the Getting Started with User Groups article for more information on enabling and managing this feature.

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