Update Date Fields with Automated Jobs

You now have the ability to create automated rules that update date fields based on workflow events. For example, you may want to automatically update a “next review date” field to be one year out from the date the initial review completed. Learn more in our related help article.

Document Versioning

Attachment fields now include built-in document versioning. Read our help article to learn more.

Important Text and Label Updates

We’ve made two updates based on feedback from users to make our records and status labels more intuitive:

  1. The submission button on a record has been updated to display “Submit” rather than “Complete”. We received feedback that users thought “Complete” meant they had no more action to take; this change should help to indicate that the user must click the button to submit the record.

  2.  The Status labels in reports have been updated to more accurately reflect the status of a record. Checked Out will now be Assigned and Not Started will now be Not Assigned. The In Progress and Complete statuses remain unchanged. Additionally, the colors associated with each status have been adjusted to better match their label.

New User Welcome Emails with Single Sign-On

When Single Sign-On is enabled, newly created users with the “Send Welcome Email” option checked will now receive an email notification letting them know their account has been created and to sign in via SSO.

Convert External Users to Application Users

External users can now be converted to standard application users. Upon conversion, the user will be sent a registration email to create their account.

Reset Workflow Data

If you need to clear out a workflow’s records after testing or a pilot program, admins now have the ability to delete all records in a workflow, as well as reset the record IDs (so that the records will re-start at “Object-1”). IMPORTANT NOTE: This function is irreversible and will permanently delete all records and associated audit data.

Layout Selection Updated in Build

The selection of a layout within the Build section is now organized in a searchable menu, rather than by Process toggle in the header.

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