Overview of the "Reset Workflow" feature

If you need to delete multiple Records after testing or a pilot program, the "Reset Workflow" feature can be used to delete all of the Records in a Workflow and reset the system-generated Record IDs to restart at "[Object Name]-1". 

Only users with Edit access to the Build Module Entitlement will have access to the "Reset Workflow" feature. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Reset Workflow" function is irreversible and will permanently delete all Records and associated audit data.

How to use the "Reset Workflow" feature

To delete all of the Records in a Workflow and reset the IDs, navigate to Build --> Applications, and click on the relevant Application. In the Workflow canvas screen, double-click on the background of the Workflow that you want to reset or right-click and select Edit. This will take you to the Workflow modal where you should see a section with the header Reset on the far right.

If you are certain that you want to delete all of the Records in the Workflow, click on the RESET WORKFLOW button.

You will be asked to confirm the name of the Workflow you want to reset before you can officially click RESET WORKFLOW to clear the existing Records.

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