Redesigned status reports

Status reports have a fresh look that aims to provide better insights into the status of work across your processes. Workflow cards provide high level status and drill-down views now give you additional charting options.

Allow your end-users to turn table report filters on and off

In the first of a series of upcoming reporting features, you now have the ability to set a table report filter as “flexible” — which gives your end-users the ability to toggle the filter off for a report. In the example below, the date range filter has been turned off by the user to view additional records.

Calculation blank field handling options

Calculation fields now give you the ability to choose how blank fields are treated when evaluating an expression. For example, you may want a calculation to still evaluate to a result even when all fields referenced in the calculation have not been completed. Now you can optionally choose whether those blank fields are passed through as ‘0’ or ‘1’.

More clear validation messages above submit button

We’ve updated form validation messaging to be more prominently displayed to your end-users. The submit button is also now centered and appears directly below the validation messages.

Hex input for colors

We’ve made it easier to match your company’s branding and style by allowing for hex code input for all color selectors.

Additional updates

  • Text fields now appear in tables as collapsed when they contain a large amount of text and can optionally be expanded by hovering over the field

  • The field creation modal window has been updated to improve the field creation process for build users

  • The maximum upload size per file in Attachment fields has been increased to 100 MB

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