When you are experiencing issues like formatting issues when loading a page or pages not loading and timing out, this could be related to browser cache and cookies. Every time you use a web browser to load a page, part of that page gets stored locally in your cache. This improves your browsing experience by allowing the web page to load faster the next time you open it. 

Sometimes the locally stored information in your cache gets confused and you may see a partially loaded page, missing content on your page, or long saving and loading time on a form. When this happens, it's best to try to clear your cache and cookies as a first step in troubleshooting. Clearing the cache will delete all of this stored information and allow the page to reload completely. Follow the instruction links below to clear your cache. 

Once you clear your cache, reload the page and you will be prompted to login again. You should see your page load properly this time, resume what you were doing before and confirm that is it working. If you're still experiencing the same issue, contact LogicGate support via the in-app messenger or at support@logicgate.com. 

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