Any user can now filter Table Reports

Users can now filter any table report on-the-fly to get personalized insights without having to edit the report. In the example below, the user has added a filter on the Control Effectiveness field simply by clicking the column header.

Categorize calculation results with labels

Transform your calculation fields into categorical labels to give your end-users immediate insights using the new Label Ranges feature. Label Ranges can be set on a risk score calculation, for example, by setting numerical thresholds for “High”, “Moderate”, or “Low” risk. This can then display to your end-users with custom text and colors you choose. Learn more about enabling labels for calculation fields here.

Allow a message recipient to be a user selected in a User field

We’ve updated the message recipient options in Jobs to include User fields. Now you can create Jobs that send email notifications to any user that is selected on a record as part of a User field. In the example below, the notification is set to send to the user selected in the “Department Stakeholder” field in addition to the assignee and the creator.

Decide whether you would like to enable attachment versions

Attachments fields now give you the option to choose whether you would like your end-users to be able to upload multiple versions of an attachment. When versions are enabled, version numbers will also display on your table reports.

Improved object names

Earlier this year, we asked you what LogicGate objects you wanted us to rename. Based on your feedback, you will notice that Nodes are now referred to as Steps, Assignments and Objects are referred to as Records, and a field’s Proposition is referred to as a Label. We appreciate your feedback!

Additional Updates

  • When you copy a process, any jobs, reports, and dashboards that are associated with the original process will now be copied as well.

  • Custom date fields will now give you the option to restrict end-users from entering either past or future dates.

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