Display calculation field labels in Table Reports and Layouts

Last month, we introduced the ability to display calculation fields as categorical labels (such as “High”, “Moderate”, or “Low”) on your records by setting numerical thresholds on calculations. Now you are also able to display these labels in Table Reports and Layouts. As you are building a report with calculation fields, choose whether you would like your end users to be able to view the field’s numerical value, label, or both when viewing the report. 

Improved Layouts finder

Based on your feedback, we’ve updated our Layouts page to help you more intuitively manage your Layouts repository. Search for any Layout using its name, or a Process or Workflow name, and sort by any of the columns in the new tabular view.

Review your objects before copying a process 

When you copy a process, you will now be presented with a summary of all the associated jobs, roles, and reports that will also be copied and linked to your new process. You can click the links in the confirmation modal to individually review these items in separate tabs in your browser before you copy your process.

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