Separately define Moved and Assigned job triggers

In order to increase clarity around Moved and Assigned job triggers, we have updated the rules for when Assigned triggers fire.  

Previously, Assigned triggers fired jobs for records that were either 1) reassigned while on a step or 2) assigned to a user as part of a record submission. Now, an Assigned trigger will only fire when a record is assigned (via the pencil icon on a record or the bulk assign feature) or reassigned while on a step, and Moved jobs with the “Assignee” recipient selected will continue to handle scenarios where assignments are done during record submission.

Updated Workflow modal

To unify your LogicGate experience, the Workflow builder has been redesigned to a modal. Now access your workflow SLAs, mappings, user group access, and reset options by double-clicking on the background area of your workflow.

With this change, you also will be able to configure these options as soon as you create a new workflow without navigating to another page.

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