An Application is a collection of Workflows that collectively solve a business use case (e.g., ERM, Vendor Risk, Incident Management).

Each Application is represented in the Build --> Applications screen by an Application "block". When you click on an Application block, it will open up the Workflow Canvas screen like shown below:


A Workflow is a combination of Steps and logic that make up a particular “object” (e.g., a risk, assessment, vendor, incident). A Workflow lives inside of an Application.

Workflows are represented by shaded rectangles in the Workflow Canvas screen:


A STEP is a stage or phase in a Workflow with a configured set of Sections and Fields on a Form. 

Steps are represented by circles in the Workflow Canvas screen:


A Field captures or displays data to end-users. Fields can be created or modified by admin users.

When you double-click on a step in the Workflow Canvas screen, you'll be brought to the Step/Form Builder where you can add Fields:

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