Unlock more insights and create better views of your data by using Table Reports as datasets for your Visual Reports. With this feature, you can now pass data from a filtered Table Report with data from many workflows into Visual Reports, allowing you to build better Dashboards.

You will now be able to manage existing or create new Visual Reports right from the Table Report view. Use any of the system or custom fields in your Table Report as axis values for your visualization.

Alternatively, when creating a new Visual Report, you can select either a Workflow or a Table Report to use as the dataset for your chart.

To access these features, your users must be a part of a role with the Dashboard module entitlement. If you would like more information on how to use this feature reference our Using Table Reports to Filter and Link Workflows for Visual Reports article.

Enhanced date picker

We’ve updated the user interface for date pickers in records to allow for a wider variety of date formats in records. The new date picker will also auto-correct any mistyped dates, reducing the number of possible validation errors in your end-user’s forms.

Updated inactivity timeouts

To bolster the security of your data in LogicGate, all of your application users will now be prompted to reauthenticate after a period of inactivity. 

If you have single sign-on configured in your LogicGate application, your timed-out users will be prompted to log in with their credentials if they are no longer logged in with your single sign-on provider. If you do not have single sign-on configured, all your timed-out users will be directed to log into LogicGate with their credentials.

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