When you can't find certain records in your Work Queue and think you should have access to these records, the following are reasons why this could be occurring:

  • You have filters on your Work Queue that are preventing you from seeing specific records

  • You do not have Role access to view these records

  • You do not have User Group access to view these records

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your record access issue.

Check your Work Queue filters

When you log in to LogicGate and navigate to your Work Queue, there are two filters that are automatically applied by default. These are 'My Work' and 'Available Work'. These two filters will only show you work that is currently assigned to you or work that is currently not assigned to anyone. In order to see all other work in the system, you will need to remove these filters. To learn more about filters in your Work Queue, refer to the Filter Work in Your Work Queue article.

Check your Role access

Roles are used to define and restrict access to specific Modules (Build, Reporting, etc.) and Applications on a Step-by-Step basis. If you cannot view a record that you think you should be able to view, this could be due to you not having the proper Role access. In order to troubleshoot this, you will need access to the "Build" Module in order to have the rights to update your access. If you do not have access to the Build Module, please contact your LogicGate Administrator and they will be able to assist you with troubleshooting your access issue.

If you are an Admin user, refer to Module Entitlements for Roles and Creating Roles to learn more about Role access.

In order to fix a user's access issue you'll need to know the following:

  • Which Step(s) the user needs access to;

  • Which Role(s) has been granted access to the Step(s)

From here you can check to see if the user that has reported issues is included as part of those Roles. If not, then you can add them to the appropriate Role(s). If this doesn't solve the access issue, then continue on to the next section to troubleshoot User Groups.

Check your User Group access

User Groups are used to further restrict access to particular records in your Application. Typically, a user can have Role access to a Step and see all records currently in that Step, but if User Groups are enforced, then they will only see the records that their user group is granted access to within that Step. Only Admin Users are able to update User Group access; please reach out to your Admin user with questions related to User Groups setup. Refer to this article to learn more about User Group access and how to figure out if this functionality is enabled for your Workflows. If you have User Groups enabled and see that a user is not part of a User Group that he or she should be included in, this could be the reason why they are not seeing certain records. You can either:

  • Add the user to an existing User Group that has access

  • Create a new User Group, add the user, then add that User Group to the appropriate records. You have a couple options to add them to the record - 

  • If you would like the User Group to have access to every record in the workflow, right click in the background of the workflow that you are granting the User Group access to, choose the "Access" tab and add this new User Group as a default under the Enter group name.. option. This is used most often for Admin users or teams that need to manage all records centrally, but only allow certain records to be available to specific groups (which is managed in the next option).

  • If you would not like them to have access to every record in the Step, you can find the individual records and add the User Group using the people icon at the top of the record page. 

The user should now see the missing records after being granted the correct User Group access. If you are still have issues with viewing these records, please contact support via the chat icon below or at support@logicgate.com. 

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