There are 2 ways to add comments or notes to your records: 

  1. The built-in Comments feature at the bottom of your form

  2. Adding custom Text Area Fields to your form to allow users to leave free-text comments

When should I use the Comments feature vs Text Area Fields?

You should use a Text Area Field if you want to:

  • Show the comments in a Layout, in your Work Queue, or if you want to be able to report on the field via Table Reports

  • Have the ability to export the data from Risk Cloud

It is important to note that a Text Area Field will not automatically capture a date & time stamp when comments are left in the field. If you would like this functionality, you would need to create a Date Picker Field and have users manually select the time they left a comment. If multiple comments will need to be left and you need to keep track of the date and time of each comment, you would need add multiple Date Picker Fields and Text Area fields in order to keep track of each comment. To learn how to create Fields, refer to the Creating a Field article.

You should use the built-in Comments feature if you want to:

  • Have a date & time stamp automatically capture when new comments are added and by whom

  • Not have to create a new Field

It is important to note that you will not be able to display comments captured using the Comments feature in a Table Report, in a Layout, or in your Work Queue. You will only be able to see these comments when you click into a specific record. To learn more about the built in Comments feature, refer to the Comments section in the Completing an Assignment article.

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