Drill down into your Visual Report data

You can now simply click on any segment of a Visual Report to view the underlying records. This update allows your users to visually explore key records on a chart and take action on your data.

Earlier this year, we introduced the ability to create a Visual Report by using a Table Report as a dataset. Now you can drill down into these Table Report datasets directly from a Visual Report or a Dashboard. Note: drill-down functionality is only supported on Visual Reports based on Table Reports, and not those based on Workflows.

Sort and filter by calculations in your Table Reports and Layouts

Your users can now uncover additional insights in Table Reports and Layouts by sorting and filtering on calculation fields. Table Reports can even be set to sort and filter by a calculation automatically. Your users can directly apply sorts and filters when viewing the report as well.

To unlock even more insights, you can build Visual Reports from filtered Table Reports. Use a Visual Report to answer questions such as: “Out of all my enterprise risks that have a calculated score above 3, what percent are in each category?”

Dynamically filter reports to the current user

You are now able to create a Table Report or Visual Report that dynamically filters to show records relevant to the users viewing your reports.

To activate this feature, select either the Current Assignee or Creator fields available to you when building a Table Report and select the “Current User” filter. To unlock dynamic filtering on charts, create a Visual Report based on this Table Report dataset.

With this feature enabled, your end users can quickly find work relevant to them by applying a “My User” filter on their Table Report interface. 

Assign to yourself when submitting a record

This new feature will streamline your experience when interacting with records in LogicGate. When your users submit a record from one step to the next,  they can now choose “Assign to me and continue to the next step.” This option will be available to all your users who have access to the next step in the workflow. Choosing this option will advance the record to the next step and bypass routing users back to the work queue.

The options that are available to select on this Record Review pane will depend on the path settings that are enabled. Click here to learn more about paths.

Set product communication preferences

You can now configure who should receive Product Update Communications from LogicGate under the Admin > User settings of your application. 

By opting in to receive Product Update Communications, you and your power users will be in the know about our latest feature releases, product webinars, and learning opportunities. 

This selection will not impact any messages you or your users may receive from Job notifications, or communications with your Customer Success team.

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