The Build section of your platform houses the configuration settings (think: Workflows, Fields, Jobs, etc.) for all of your Risk Cloud Applications. With Risk Cloud's Build Access controls, you can granularly set who can edit and/or view the configurations settings for each Application. Use these Build Access settings to set different administrators for each Application.

This article describes how you can control the users that can view and modify the configuration settings for each of your Applications.

Adding a Builder

Module Entitlements in a Role control access to menu functions like Reports or Build. To allow a user to access the Build menu, grant them access to a role that has the Build module entitlement. Check out the Module Entitlements for Roles article for more information.

In addition, all users with the Admin Entitlement will also have access to the Build menu functions.

Managing Access to Build an Application

When you create a new Application, by default all users with access to the Build menu options will be able to view and modify your Application. However, you can choose to lock down access to your Application to a smaller, select group of users.

To control the list of users that can view and modify your Application:

1. Navigate to your Application and select Build Access under the ⚙️ settings.

2. Select the checkbox to Restrict Build Access to this Application. By default, your user will be added to the list of users that now have access to view and build your Application.

3. Use the Search for users… drop-down field to select other users that should have access to view or Build your Application. Use the ✏️ and 📘icons to configure whether the users you add should have access to modify or only view your build configurations.

4. Click the Save Build Permissions button to save your settings and close out of the modal.

Once you have enabled restrictions to build your Application, only the list of users that you have specified will have access to view and modify your Application configurations, Jobs, and Layouts. All users that have access to modify your Application will also be able to add and remove other users to this list.

Continued Permissions Management

Permissions to Application build configurations can also be managed under the Build > Access page. To view an Application under the Application Build Access tab, a user must Build Access to that Application.

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