Working With Filters

Filters can be added to the Report via the gear next to each Field or by clicking the ADD A FILTER button in the Edit Table Report modal. This will present you with a component to select a Field to filter on. A Field does not have to be visible on the Report for a filter to be applied.

Filtering Options

Filter options will vary depending upon the type of Field you are filtering on, and whether they are a text-based field or a numeric field. Below are two charts on which filters are available per field type.

Text-based field filters:


Not Null


Does Not Contain


Does Not Equal

Multiple values supported?






User Field

Record Name

Text Area

Text Field


User Field (Equals and Not Equals filters include a "my user" option).

If you apply a filter on multiple values the system will apply ‘OR’ logic to determine what should be displayed. When adding multiple "NOT EQUALS" filters to the same field, the 'OR' logic will also prevail. This logic will prevent you from seeing the "expected" results within your report (i.e. you will not be filtering out both options included within the filter. Instead, the system will not filter any records because of the logic outline above).

Numeric Field filters:


Not Null


Not Equals

Greater Than / After

Less Than / Before




Date Picker

Due Date


Numeric field filters do not support multiple values.

Sorting and filtering will take place on the numeric, if you have a label associated to the number that will not be taken into effect when filtering. 

Filter Example

In the example below, we've chosen a DATE RANGE operator on the "Created Date" field to include January 1, 2018 through October 1, 2018 and an EQUALS operator on the "Impact of Risk" field to include only "High" risks.

Once a filter is added, you can click on the gear icon to toggle the filter to be 'flexible'. This gives your end-users the ability to edit the filter from the report and toggle the filter off when viewing a report.

For guidance on how to create Table Reports, see our Creating a Table Report Help Article

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