Introducing LogicGate Integrations

We are excited to announce the launch of our LogicGate Integrations suite, a central hub to connect LogicGate to your broader risk and compliance tech stack!  This page will show you all of your enabled and available integrations, as well as any integrations that will be coming soon. All users with the Admin > All module entitlement will be able to access this page and update configuration settings for any enabled integrations. 

In the upcoming months, we will continue to expand our offering of integrations with your most widely-used tools. If there are any integrations that would help you put LogicGate at the center of your GRC stack, we would love to hear your input by emailing

Improved Print and Read-Only Record Formatting

Print and save records to PDF with an improved look by using the print function on records. This feature now better displays all the information on a record in a compact view optimized for printing or saving. We’ve also made updates to way read-only fields appear to users when viewing a record to provide a better experience to your end-users.

Set a Default Role

You will now be able to designate a Role as a “Default Role,” so that all new users will be assigned that role when they are created. This will apply to auto-provisioned (e.g., via Okta) users as well.

All primary users with the Admin > All module entitlement will be able to specify a Role as a Default Role.

All builders will be able to see which roles are Default Roles in the Access > Roles page. They will also be able to sort by this column to quickly access all Default Roles:

Completed Date and Last Completed Date

Two additional system fields will be available on layouts and reports: 

Completed Date: If a record is currently in an end step, this will be the date that the record moved into the end step. This will be null if the record is not currently in the end step.

Last Completed Date: If the record has ever been in an end step, this is the last timestamp that the record moved into an end step.

NOTE: These fields will only be populated for records that are completed after this was released. Your previously completed records will not have the data backfilled.

User Created Date

Admin users can access the date that a user was created on the Admin > Users page. Also, Last Active has been renamed to Last Login on this page, to more accurately describe how this timestamp is logged.

Form UX Improvements

When a builder adds a new value to a discrete field (e.g. select, multi select, etc.), the cursor will reset to the box to add another select field, to minimize the number of clicks that a user has to take to create many discrete values.

End users can complete radio button fields using just their keyboard (tab + enter keys.)

Access Step Configurations from within the Builder

The step edit modal can now be accessed from within the step builder, allowing you to access additional step configuration settings such as renaming your step and granting permissions  without leaving your page.

Blank Layout Protection

Users will no longer be able to create Layouts with zero fields.

All new Layouts will be created with the Record Name field, and when there is only 1 field remaining on a Layout, a user will not be able to remove that field.

Global Fields appear in View All Fields Mode

A step’s “View All Fields” setting will now expose Global Fields to the end user. Previously, only workflow fields appeared when “View All Fields” was activated.

“Make all Optional” and “Make all Required” bulk actions

All builders now have new abilities to make all fields required or make all fields optional within a section with the click of a button.

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