Conditional logic is a feature that allows for parts of a form to be displayed when a specific condition is met. If you would like to learn the basics of conditional logic you can reference this help article: Creating Conditional Form Logic. You should also reference our Creating Advanced Calculations for a reminder on how to create Calculation Fields.

LogicGate's conditional form logic is evaluated in an 'OR' fashion. For example, if a user selects Option 1 or Option 2 from a Select Field you can configure the system to conditionally display an additional Field asking for more information.

However, if a different option is needed for when both Option 1 AND Option 2 are selected we can use a background calculation to drive conditional logic. 

In order to accomplish this, the first thing you should do is review and update the values of the Select Field if needed. These are the values that will be used in the Calculation Field. The goal is to create a unique numeric combination that will drive the condition. 

Create a Calculation Field that will be used to drive the condition. This Field will not be displayed on the form so we recommend adding a prefix such as [CALC] and adding an explanation for the Field in the tooltip.

After naming and labeling the Field, add the desired calculation that will be used to drive the conditional logic. 

NOTE: It is critical to remember what the decision point for the Calculation Field is to be in the condition.

Add the conditional logic to the subsection using the Calculation Field you created. In this example, when a user selects Option 1 AND Option 2 the Calculation Field will calculate to 2. To display the Text Area Field, you will need to set the condition in the appropriate section using the 'Equals' operator ([CALC] field equals 2).

All that's left is to test your conditional logic! Walk through examples on a test form and to make sure it is working as expected.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • If your conditional logic is not working and are not sure why, make the Calculation Field visible in your form to troubleshoot.

  • For more complicated logic, write out the possible scenarios on a piece of paper before building the calculation in the app.

  • Pay attention to the 'Blank Field' handling of your Calculation Field and think through how that could affect your logic. 

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