There are times when it is beneficial to duplicate a Record instead of recreating a new one from scratch. For example, you may want to assess the same policy from a previous year and do not want to reenter all of the policy's information again on a new Record. In this instance, duplicating a Record will save you significant time.
Note: if you are performing an assessment on the same policy, you will need to edit the assessment period and Due Date Fields to reflect the new year's assessment. By default, the Record will retain the same assessment period and Due Date from the original Record (which you would not want for this duplicated Record). 

In order to create a duplicate, access the Record from your Work Queue. Once you are viewing the Record, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand portion of your screen. 

From there, click the Duplicate option from the pop-up box. 

The Duplicate Modal will then appear. From here, you can select the Step where you would like the Record copied to and the assignee of the new Record (in our example we will choose the "Assign to me and continue to the new record" option). Once your selections are made, click DUPLICATE to finish duplicating the Record.

Note: If the Record is in the first Step of a Workflow, you will not be able to move its duplicate to a Step further along in the flow. 

The duplicate Record has now been created, placed within the previously specified Step, and assigned to the previously specified user.

Note: Any linkages involving the original Record do not carry over to the duplicated Record. In this particular example, this means that the Linked Risk Assessment from the original Mitigation Record does not cary over to the duplicated Record. The Assessment must be relinked. 

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