If you are not utilizing Risk Cloud's Single Sign-On feature, then you might find yourself needing to reset a User's account. One example case of this is that after five failed login attempts, the User's account will be locked out and unable to login. As a User in Risk Cloud with the 'Admin - All' Module Entitlement, you can reset the User's account so that they can successfully login again.

Follow the steps below to Reset the User Account:

1) Navigate to the Admin -> Users screen.

2) Find the user you would like to reset.

3) Click the disable icon on the right hand side of the screen to disable the user.

4) Once disabled, flip over to the Disabled Users tab and then find that user again.

5) Click the enable icon to the right hand side of the screen to re-enable the User account.

That's it! The User account will now be active again.

Note: Once you re-enable the User account as described above, the user will get an email giving them a link to reset their password.

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