Calculation labels can be created to display the value of a risk score to the end-user. Instead of displaying numerical value of a risk score, you are able to assign and categorize a range of values to a set of numbers to display a desired label. 

You'll first need to create a Calculation Field and  a Calculation Label. Refer to the Creating a Field , Creating Advanced Calculations, or Cross-Workflow Calculations article and Creating Calculation Field Labels to learn more. Once you have the Field and Label created, follow the steps to show the label in either a layout or table report. 

How to Display a Calculation Label in a Layout

  1. Once your calculation field is created with assigned label ranges, first click "Build" at the top of your Work Queue screen and select layouts to either edit a current layout or create a new layout. For more information on how to create a layout, refer to the Overview of Layouts article to learn more. 

  2. Select a previously created layout or create a new layout in which you will add a calculation field. 

3. Once you have added the Calculation field to your Layout, select the gear icon on the right of the field. The option will display to show the value, label or both to the end user. Select label to change how the score will appear in the layout. The preview of the layout will show this has now been changed.

4. If this layout is applied to the Work Queue, the label will now display in the selected layout. 

How to Display a Calculation Label in a Table Report

  1. Similarly to displaying a calculation label in a layout, you will first need to create a calculation field with a range of values with assigned labels. To display the label in a table report, first select Reports and Table Reports from the Work Queue. 

  2. Once in the Table Report area, you can either select to make changes to a previously created Table Report or create a new Table Report. For more information to create a table report, please refer to article Creating a Table Report for more details.

  3. If editing a Table Report or creating a new one, add the previously created Calculation Field from your Field Finder on the lower left hand portion of the screen. Once added, save the report. 

4. After your report has been saved, click "Edit Report". Click the gear icon to the right of the Calculation Field to select display "Label" in your Table Report. Save your report once again and now the label of the Calculation Field will display to your end user in the report.


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