A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, can be set to establish a standard number of days and/or hours that a Record must be completed in before it is considered overdue. 

How to set a Workflow SLA

A Workflow SLA is set within the W Builder by right clicking in the background of a Workflow and selecting the "Edit" option.

From the edit modal, click the "SLA" tab and choose to "Enable Workflow SLA." You can then determine the number of days and/or hours that you would like to set for your Workflow SLA. This will define the time in which each Record needs to be completed; if a Record does not reach an End Step within the defined timeframe, it will be considered overdue. You can learn more about End Steps in the Creating a Step Help Article.

This Workflow SLA will drive the Due Date that will be set for each newly created Record. The time to completion is set as soon as the Record is created and is set to the number of days and/or hours defined in the step above. 

Because of this, the SLA will not allow a Due Date to be chosen outside of the predefined timeframe. The Due Date may be set earlier than the defined SLA if the user chooses to do so.

If desired, you may also use this SLA to drive reminder notifications. Review the Creating Due Date Jobs article if you would like to learn more about how to create these notifications and keep your Application running timely!

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