“Delete Record” Module Entitlement

While previously only system admins (i.e. users with the Admin > All module entitlement) had the ability to delete records, now you will be able to assign this permission to any non-admin users via the “Delete Record” module entitlement in a role. You can find this option in the Edit Role > Entitlements menu, seen below.

To assign the “Delete Records” entitlement to a role, click on a role that you would like to modify under the Build > Access options and click to the Modules tab to toggle the permission.

“Assign to Current Assignee and Continue” Path Rule

We’ve received feedback that in some of your Processes, an end user who completes a record in one step of your workflow is frequently also the user that needs to complete the next step. In these instances, you will now have the option to set the record default to “Assign to the current assignee and continue,” which will automatically advance the user to the next step on a path. 

When this option is enabled, users will only progress to the next step when they have edit access to that next step. You also have the option to allow the end user to select another assignee instead. For more information about paths, see “Working with Paths”.

Other UX Changes

  • When selecting an option from a drop-down menu, your users will now be able to search within a select field on a record to narrow down the results

  • If you have SSO enabled in your account and are not logged in when you access the LogicGate application, you can expect a faster log-in screen load time

  • All your steps within the process builder will now live on a grid, making it easier for you to align your steps horizontally or vertically when creating or modifying workflows

  • As of this release, the Create New job operation will no longer be an available job operation. The Create New & Map to Trigger and the Create New & Map to Existing Job operations have not been modified.

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