You can provide your end-users instructions or guidance on a Step in your workflow in two ways:

  1. Rich Text Sections (visible on all Records on that Step in your Workflow)

  2. Default Text in Text Area Fields (only visible on any newly created Records)

Method 1: Rich Text Sections

Aside from using Text Area Fields to allow users to enter long descriptions or multiple rows of text, they can also be used to display guidance in Risk Cloud by using a Default Value.  

The Add Content option on forms allows you to add static content on your Steps. From there, you will have the option to add and format a Rich Text Section with formatted text, links, and images for your end-users to review.

Method 2: Default Text in Text Area Fields

To enable using a Default Value in a Text Area Field first create a new Text Area Field from the Workflow Fields section on the left. Fill out the Name and Label for the Field (In this case “Guidance”) and click on the Default Value.

Fill out the Preview section within the Default Value with the information for your Guidance and click “Save Field.”

Finally, add your newly created Field to the relevant Subsection and make sure to change the state of the Field to READ-ONLY.

Now your Text Area Field should be ready to display Guidance information!

Note: The Text Area Field will not display Default Value text on existing Records. Only new Records will display the text. 

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