The unit of work that moves through a Risk Cloud Workflow. Each Record has a unique ID. Refer to the Completing a Record article to learn more.


A step in a Workflow where a Record can be moved. A Step has properties associated with it such as Sections, Subsections, and Paths. User access to Steps can be controlled via entitlements. Refer to the Creating a Step article to learn more.


A combination of Steps, Sections, Subsections, Paths, Fields, and other objects that combine to form a system. Refer to the How to Create a New Workflow article to learn more.


A collection of Workflows that collectively solve a business use case (e.g., ERM, Vendor Risk, Incident Management). Refer to the How to Create a New Application article to learn more.


Fields can capture data from users or display data to users in a Step. Fields can be of various types depending upon the type of data that is being stored. For example, upload a file, input a date, or select from a drop down. Refer to the Creating a Field article to learn more.


The way that a Record can move from one Step to the next. A path can either be: 

  1. Default: the destination a Record will be routed if no other rules are triggered.

  2. Conditional Edge: conditional edges are rules that can be configured for Fields that route a Record to a destination based on whether a certain logical condition is met.

  3. Redirect: when a redirect is enabled, it allows end-users to specifically select a destination for the Record -- overriding any conditional edge rules that are present.

  Refer to the Working with Paths article to learn more.


An SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is the maximum allotted time for a Record to move through a Workflow or Step. 


A customizable view of Fields which controls what data is displayed throughout the Application, such as in a Linked Workflow section. Layouts are created in the Layouts module. Refer to the Overview of Layouts article to learn more.


The relationship linkage between two Workflows. Refer to the Connecting Workflows Together article to learn more.


An area on a Step, created by an administrator, which houses Subsections and Linked Workflow sections. Refer to the Creating Sections and Sub-Sections article to learn more.


The area within a Section where an administrator can add Fields. 

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