Your Work Queue is where you can go to view or interact with existing Records in Risk Cloud or create new Records.

Each Application that you have access to is displayed in the Work Queue Drop-Down List, underneath 'Select an Application'. You can click into the drop-down to navigate between each Application and view its corresponding Work Queue. The Application that is listed, in this case, Standards and Regulations, is the one that you are currently viewing. Work Queue sections are based on the Workflows in each Application. Each Workflow section will display the work in that Workflow that you have access to view or edit.

If you have access to create a new Record in a Workflow, you will also see a blue button in the upper right-hand corner of the Workflow section that will allow you to create a new object. 

Work Queue Filters

By default, when you first visit your Work Queue, the ‘My Work’ and ‘Available Work’ filters will be applied. This will limit the records that you can see to work that is assigned to you or work that you have access to that you can check out to edit. 

For more information on the other filters available and how to use them, see our help article on Filtering Work in Your Work Queue

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