External users do not have a Risk Cloud account and can only access Records that were specific assigned to them via a URL or email notification. External Users should only be used by people outside of your organization.

When should I use an external user over a standard user?

External users should be used over a standard user only if all of the following criteria apply:

  1. Work is assigned to the person very infrequently (e.g., once per year)

  2. The user does not require access to their Dashboard, Profile, Reports, Configuration, or to view a history of previous Records. In other words, the user is only submitting information on a form that is assigned to them

  3. The user is outside of your organization (e.g. a vendor)

Note that a user cannot be setup as a standard user and also be assigned work as an external user to the same email address.

How do I enable a workflow to allow record to external users?

The configuration to allow a Record to be sent to an external user is set as a Path on the originating Step.

Take for example our Tutorial Application shown below. If the configuration for External Users is active, when submitting a Record on Log Incident the system will automatically determine whether it should be assigned externally. The user will then be prompted to optionally enter the email address of an external user on the Record submission popup.

  1. Navigate to Build-> Applications and click into your Application.

  2. Double-click the Originating Step ('Log Incident' in this case).

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the step configuration screen. In the Path section, click the Default Next Path arrow to expand the section. In the Assignee Options, enable External Email and click the Required asterisk. This will now require an external email to be entered before submitting the Record.

4. Navigate to Work-> Work Queue then navigate to your Application and create a new record.

5. Complete the necessary Task information and click Submit. You should now be presented to an option to Assign to External User. Click to reveal the section and enter the email address of the external user then click Submit.

6. The Record is now assigned to the external user. If a Job has been set up then the external user will receive an automated email with a link to access the Record.

Note: Jobs are required to perform automated actions like sending email notifications. Reference our Creating a Job help article to learn how to set up a Job.

What does the external user see?

If a Job is set up, the user will receive an email (similar to what is shown below) with a unique link to access their Record.

That link will take them directly to the form they need to complete, with no additional menu options or functionality.

There are two ways we can accomplish this today. The first is directly from the Record that you assigned externally. If you navigate to the Record and you have the option to "copy external link" next to the Assignee at the top of the Record

You are able to copy the link there and send it via email to the external users. 

The other option is to navigate to the Admin-> Users screen and the External Users tab. Each External User will have an external user account created in that screen.

Clicking into the External User's account and switching to the Access tab will reveal two additional options for each Record:

  • Copy Link to Clipboard: This will copy to the clipboard the same link which is sent via email to the user. This allows you to manually send the link to the external user outside of Risk Cloud, if appropriate.

  • Revoke Access to Record: This will remove access to the Record from the assigned user. This will not delete the Record itself, just the association between the user and the Record.

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