The Record screen is where each Record for a given Workflow will be worked to completion.

Record Header Information

Record ID

Once in a Record, the Record ID can be found in the top-left corner in the Header Bar, directly next to the name of the current Step. It takes the format of a Workflow object name + - + system_generated_number.

Audit History

Click the history icon at the top-right of the Record Header Bar to expand the Audit History box. This will display the audit history of the different users who have accessed the Record and in what capacity.

Completing Work

Check Out

In order to complete a Record, it must first be checked out to you. Only one person can have a given Record checked out at one time. If you have access to the Workflow that the given Record resides and it is not yet checked out, you will view the below pop-up screen asking to check out the Record:

To check out and begin working the item, click the Check Out button.

You can also check an item out or return an item via your Dashboard:

  1. The grey icon indicates that this item is checked out to you. Click this grey icon to return this item so that other users can check out and begin working this Record.

  2. The green icon indicates that this item is not yet checked out. Click this icon to check out the Record.

Note: All of your work should save automatically (there is no 'save' button in LogicGate). As long as you entered all of your info when connected to the internet, you can close out of your assessment and when you access it again, it will have saved all of the data you previously entered.

Submit Work

Once you have completed working a given Record, you would then need to submit your work forward to the next step in the process. To do so, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the green Submit button.

Upon clicking Complete, a confirmation screen will appear.

  1. Review the next Step for which this Record will be sent. This can change depending on how the form is setup and what type of optional Edge Routing has been defined.

  2. Select a Risk Cloud user to assign this piece of work. This would first need to be enabled in the Step Builder. Allowing for user Record is typically a best practice as a major advantage of doing so is to allow for easier notification to the assigned user. OR

  3. Specify an External e-mail address to send this Record. This would first need to be enabled in the Step Builder. There are many restrictions to allowing External record. Typically you would instead want to assign this item to Risk Cloud user as show in #2 above. OR

  4. Assign the Record to yourself and open the Record in the next Step in the Process (as opposed be being directed back to the Work Queue). OR

  5. Submit the Record and do not assign it to any user.

  6. Once complete, click the Submit button to complete this Record.


Every Record in the system allows you to add one or many comments to the bottom of the screen. This is a nice feature as you are able to add comments to a record even if you do not have the Record checked out nor does it require any setup to enable this functionality. Your name and a timestamp will be attached to each and every comment that you add in this way. The process to add and view these comments is as follows.

  1. To post a new comment, navigate to the bottom of the Record and click the New Comment button.

  2. Type a new comment into the comment box.

  3. When finished, click the Save Comment button.

  4. The user will see the comments display at the bottom.

  5. The user can edit or delete their comments by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. 

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