The Records Report allows users to filter Records by Workflow, Step, and Status. Configurable Report Layouts can be selected to show canned reports.

You can access the Records Report by navigating to Reports -> Table Reports. Then in the left side bar, select Records. 

Select which Application you would like to view a Records report for by clicking on the Application tile at the top of page. 

Fields in Records Report

Layouts are Reports that have been configured by application builders. Select a Layout from the select list to display data for a Layout report. 

Choose the Workflow for a listing of specific Records or choose All Workflows to see them all. 

The Status drop-down lists all of the conditions for the Records that appear in the data table.

  • Any Status –All Records. 

  • Not Assigned– Records which are not yet assigned or for which work has not begun in the current Step.

  • Assigned – Record which are assigned to a user but have not yet been started.

  • In Progress – Records which are assigned to a user and for which work has started.

  • Complete – Record is in an end Step.

Choose the Step in the Workflow for a specific listing of Records or choose All Steps to see them all.

Export Options

The data file types below can be exported using one of the following format options:

CSV – for a comma-separated values file, typically opened with Microsoft Excel or a text editor
XLSX – Microsoft Excel file

Data Table Region 

The Search Bar at the top right-hand corner of the data table will search all Record Task data for the selected filters and will return only Records that contain the search term.

To enter a given Record, click on the Record ID hyperlink.

By default, the data table will display up to 10 Records per page. If there are more Records than fit on the page, the user can paginate to them using the Previous and Next buttons on the bottom right-hand side of the data table. 

The Fields that display in the data table may be updated/edited in the Layouts section

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