The Status Reports show the distribution of Records across all Workflows. The Status Reports provide a high level overview of Record statuses and also a drill-down report with more charting options. It's important to note that Status Entitlements only allow you to view the reports and not edit them because they are system-generated. 

Workflow Cards

The Workflow cards will initially display the count of Records and high level status for each Workflow for the selected Application. Click on an Application tile at the top to select the Application you want to view. The cards will be broken down by each Workflow in your Application. Then click 'View Workflow Data' to go to the Status Drill-Down Report. 

Status Drill-down Report

The Status Drill-Down Report will display all of the Workflows for the selected Application. To change the charting option, click on the Chart Icon in the top right corner. The options include a bar, donut and stacked bar chart. 

  1. The Progress Bar shows the number of completed Records out of the total Records in the Workflow.

  2. Below the chart, the blue Step button displays how many Steps are in a given Workflow. You can click on a Step and see a breakdown of the Records in that Step. Once a Step has been expanded, you'll see all of the Records in the step including the ID of the Record, the User working on the assignment, the current status and due date. 

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